About bSol

Baja Solstice also known as bSol, is a company with more than  25  years of   experience  in  the  manufacturing  of components for the electrical and lighting industries,  great quality and effective service are our guidelines.

bSol aligns with  “Industrias La Mesa de Tijuana” (ILM company  with nearly 45 years of experience in Baja California and a major manufacturer of window coverings; Baja Solstice uses its vast experience in México with the additional manufacturing knowledge acquired over the years manufacturing various products such as: Furniture, electrical components, Health care products for some of the top companies in the world (Siemens, General Electric, Beckman Instruments). Today bSol and ILM work together    to    be   your   best    partner   in   manufacturing services.

Where we are?

bSol is located in a 300,000 sq. ft. industrial complex in Rosarito Baja California, México. It is 20 miles from San Diego, CA and 90 miles from the port of Long Beach, CA. This convenient location gives us access to the main logistical hubs of the West Coast, all within a few hours of drive time.

What we do?

bSol manufactures a broad selection of electrical products, including:

  • Wall plates
  • Components for window covering
  • Installation kits
  • Quality fluorescent and incandescent lamp holders
  • Starter sockets
  • Convenience outlets
  • Insulators of multiple connectors for signal and power

Advantages of working with bSol

Our company strengths and services can add integrity to your business plan. Here are some of the major benefits of working with bSol.

One stop shop

for your compression and injection molding needs.

Availability of a highly skilled and stable labor force

with over 20 years of experience in the market place.

Effective service

from quotation to delivery of goods.

High quality and on-time delivery.

Reduction in labor and logistical costs.

Speed to market,

thanks to our proximity to the border and San Diego, CA.

Business Model